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Overeaters Annonymous

No matter what your problem with food — compulsive overeating, under-eating, food addiction, anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, or overexercising, this support group may give you hope.

Attitudinal Healing

Attitudinal Healing International works towards a world where each person takes responsibility for what we think, say, and do, and where each of us feels safe, whole and loved.

Attitudinal Healing gives us the powerful tools needed for making healthy choices, navigating successful challenges, and creating positive change.


This is accomplished by our utilizing the Principles of Attitudinal Healing, enabling us to choose peace over conflict, compassion over indifference, and love over fear in all aspects of our daily lives.

Diabetes Food Hub Recipes

Need help with those recipes, check out this resource!

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lab tests

Lab services may often be recommended to perform a comprehensive assessment of nutritional status and risks. These tests can be done at your doctors or scheduled through me at a discounted price. Local lab draw sites available. Micronutrient tests are available through Spectracell and measures the blood level of multiple nutritional indicators. For more information on this service, ask me.

Micronutrient Testing

A comprehensive test of 31 nutrients that may be borderline or deficient, an antioxidant scale and interpretive values that serve as a guideline to repletion therapy and dietary adjustment. The test measures more than just serum levels of nutrients and provides an indication of the level of tissue saturation of the various nutrients. Allowing for biochemical individuality, this test clarifies which nutrients may be needed in excess of daily requirements due to genetics, disease, lifestyle, medications and what nutrients are stable and not in need of repletion allowing for targeted therapy in an individualistic manner. Spectracell Labs Used.

Parkinson's Book.jpg

A short text on natural techniques to calm or prevent many common neurological side-effects associated with Parkinson's Disease.

Kathy J. Shattler

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