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In looking for a way to disperse educational and motivational help to those who want to create a more fulfilling life and engage in nutritional transformation, I started Nutritional Synergy, one of Michigan’s first comprehensive online clinics meeting both medical nutritional and wellness preventive patient needs. From services as general as just answering those burning health questions to more complex situations requiring a comprehensive assessment and lifestyle intervention plan, Nutritional Synergy Clinic is here to meet your needs! 
The medical nutrition counseling may be covered by insurances such as Aetna, United Healthcare Plans, Health Allies, BCBS Medicare, American Health Specialties or a sliding fee schedule for those who qualify and have a doctor's order.


Kathy Shattler started her college career after taking a two year “gap” time to travel the U.S., Canada, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands. She was entranced with the variety of cultures, belief systems and rituals that she unearthed during her travels.


Upon learning of scholarships available to her to attend college, she returned to Michigan State University where she worked tirelessly to get her Bachelor’s degree switching her major from psychology, to pre-med to Dietetics.


After graduating with her B.S. degree, she applied to Graduate School at MSU and, while raising a family and working both as a research and teaching assistant, she obtained her Master of Science Degree in Human Nutrition.


Several years later, Kathy was accepted into the PhD program in Human Nutrition at MSU, but after two years and before her dissertation, she had to have major surgery and dropped out of the program.


Her work experience has been multi—faceted having worked in the capacity of a Food Service Supervisor, Certified Diabetic Educator and Program Developer, Health and Wellness Educator, Chief Clinical Nutritionist, Oncology Dietitian, Outpatient Educator, Program Planner, Federally Certified Health Facility Surveyor and State of Michigan WIC Program Manager.


She then went on to develop, implement and direct an online continuing education program accredited by the Commission on Dietetic Registration, wrote for several websites, academic textbooks, performed editorial reviews and developed continuing education material.


Currently Kathy J is a global pioneer in the use of telehealth and telenutrition working out of Pakistan, India, South Africa, and the US/Canada.


She has developed many programs, one of which is the Synergetics Weight Loss Program which she uses in her practice. Kathy has kindly donated some of her successful strategies for breaking weight loss plateaus  in the form of a patient handout along with usage guidelines for those health professionals who would like to tap into a piece of her teachings on weight loss and on dealing with the anticipated stumbling blocks. The Synergetics Program is not published, but is copy protected and has been pilot tested as a corporate program.


More educational projects will be forthcoming to add to Nutritional Synergy’s growing practice.

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The virtual services are hosted by a HIPAA secure platform, VSEE, and all you need is a camera and a working microphone with an internet connection. Even your smart phone will do virtual visits!

It is the age of informatics!

Kathy J. Shattler

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist